Granita and sorbet
with the perfumes 
and aromas of Sicily

Enjoy the genuine Sicilian granita without going to Sicily; now you can with our innovative products. 
Our preparations are designed to present the flavour, consistency and taste of traditional handmade Sicilian granita. Frozen preparations, to place directly in the granita maker and blend with water. In a short time, you will have an excellent product in the traditional flavours of: lemon, pistachio, almond, mandarin, mulberry and strawberry.
Sicilian citrus-fruit granita can be prepared with our 100% natural juices.
The Juices are the ideal starting point to prepare ice cream, sorbet, parfait, cream and pudding. Our 100% essential oils give the preparations a fresh aroma and an evocative citrus fruit fragrance. Discover all our products and contact us for more information, we would be delighted to offer you the best solutions for your needs.

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