A story of friendship and passion and the desire
to take a chance in order to change things



The intuition to develop new products for the Italian hotel market stems from an idea of two high school friends in the 1950s in Sicily. In Piero’s family business, the two young men create “citrus fruit concentrates” which will take the taste and flavour of Sicily to the quality hotels and restaurants of Italy’s most popular tourist destinations.

Our business has continued to grow and constant innovate itself and now thanks to the management and co-ordination of Agrumaria Corleone S.p.A., merging the production and distribution of superior quality products.

This control of the production chain, together with ongoing research and development, ensure the Company occupies a prime position nationwide.

Our company is subject to the management and supervision of Agrumaria Corleone S.p.A. leader in Sicily’s citrus fruit processing industry for over a century



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